Three Taverns Design Begins

After several weeks of consideration, we finally made the difficult decision of choosing one from a small group of talented architects to begin the work of designing our brewery. The decision was bittersweet as all the proposals were compelling and any of the group could have designed a wonderful space. But we could only work with one and so last Friday we officially awarded the project to our Decatur neighbor only 2 blocks away, Jeff Wren of Earthstation Architecture. We are excited to begin the work of designing a space that provides for both our employees and customers an experience as inviting and unique as the one we expect our beers to deliver. The timeline is aggressive and we hit the ground running hard this Monday, October 1. Most of the work over the next 2 months will include design, preliminary demolition of all non-structural elements, engineering, and final permitting. Our plans optimistically forecast official Building Permits the end of November with construction starting December. We will continue to post updates and pictures as we experience progress. Over 2,000 years ago, Three Taverns (Tres Tabernae) was a real place about 30 miles outside of Rome along the ancient Via Appia. It was a travelers rest for weary sojourners making their way to or from Rome, a place of replenishment. Please join us as we journey toward our vision for a new Three Taverns and invite your friends to come along. Cheers!