Three Taverns was a real place some two thousand years ago on the Appian Way,  just outside of Rome. It was a traveler’s rest and is mentioned in the book of Acts. We don’t know much about it, but from stories we’re told it was a place of thanksgiving and communal hospitality. The Latin phrase for the place, Tres Tabernae, could also be translated “three shops,” which historians say would have been the blacksmith, the general store and, of course, the refreshment house.

We imagine Three Taverns as a place weary travelers in the ancient world found rest, community, and conversation—centered around food and drink at the table. Though the world has changed immensely since days of the Roman Empire, the culture of the table has been a constant throughout the ages. 

At Three Taverns, we believe, as we gather at the table and share our lives together over good food and drink, we are formed at our best as humans. 

And beer is often a participant in these moments—from thousands of years before Roman times to the present day. Our conviction is that the beer served at the table should be worthy of the moment, not just compatible with the culture of the table, but something that elevates it… because our human experience deserves it.