Theophan The Recluse Returns!

Theophan is back and now pouring in The Parlour and available in 4-pack bottles to go! There’s also limited distribution that just hit the market. This year’s edition of Theophan The Recluse pours dark as night with a viscous mouthfeel and rich dark chocolate flavors and subtle banana undertones. Get it before its all gone!



theophan 2018.JPG

Behind the 3 | Caleb Van Cleef

Caleb Van Cleef joined Three Taverns in the spring of 2017 and as a cellarman is an integral part of brewing and production. He’s also been instrumental in conceiving and participating in numerous Imaginarium Project beers. Read more about him below in our "Behind the 3" feature, where we highlight instrumental folks of Three Taverns:

How did you first get into craft beer?
Went into a fake British Pub and asked for a High Life but got a Jai Lai instead. Was like “BRO, wtf, this is terrible. Gimme a Guinness on nitro to cleanse my soiled palate.” Dude riposted with: “How you feel about a lewd Russian mystic whose daughter became a lion tamer in the circus?” I say fantastic. He gives me a pint of Rasputin. Had 9 more. Puked it all up. Hook, line, & stinker.. 

What do you like most about your job?
It’s a tie between showing up to work for Witching Hour shift and putting the centrifuge on autopilot while I watch from bay door #2 for Cordelia the feral brewery cat to emerge from the sewer for her predawn hunt, and brewing low ABV beers without hops on the test batch system hungover.

Where were you born/did you grow up?
Gulf Of Mexico

Favorite spots in Atlanta?
Rainbow Natural Foods salad bar, Righteous Room, retention ponds

Desert Island beer?
Schlitz Red Beer with stick of cold-smoked caribou sausage. If no caribous on my island,  Clausthaler.

When you’re not drinking beer what are you drinking?
Right now: Lambrusco Salamino de Santa Croce or Sotol Pickleback.

Interests/hobbies that are not beer-related
Taxidermy. I’ll stuff anything. Or stuffy poetry.

Last great movie you saw/book you read/album you listened to?
Sátántango by Bela Tar
Eight Hours Don’t Make A Day by Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Story Of The Eye by Georges Bataille
Under The Volcano by Malcom Lowry

Lewis - Romantic Times
Född Död - Studie I Närhet, Längran Och Besvikelse


The Seasonal Return of Feest Noel

Tis the Season! Feest Noel is back and now pouring at The Parlour and available in bottles (750ml) to-go. This 10% Belgian-style quadrupel uses dark roasted malts, imported Belgian dark candy sugar, cardamom, allspice, and cloves.

Feest Noel is also available on draft and in bottles wherever fine beers are sold.

5th Anniversary

It's been five incredible years of beer making here at Three Taverns and we’re celebrating in a big way! Join us on Saturday, November 17th, from 12p - 10p. We'll have 40+ beers on tap, a photobooth, music, food trucks, games, and several new beer releases available to-go.

Entry to the 5th anniversary party is $35 and includes: 6 full pour beer tickets (additional tickets can be purchased on site for $5/ticket), take home photobooth images, and a commemorative “5th Anniversary” glass (pictured). Presale tickets are now live via CraftCellr here and will also be available to purchase day-of at the brewery.

5th Anniversary Tap List

| A 5% raspberry sour
Lord Grey | A 5% Earl Grey tea sour
Enchantress | A 5% cranberry sauce sour with cinnamon and clove
Lord Fog | A 5% Earl Grey sour with lavender, vanilla, and lactose
Lazy Sonker | A 5% blueberry cobbler sour with vanilla and lactose
Rapturous Luxure | A 5% raspberry and cream sour with vanilla and lactose
Enchantress Luxure | A 5% cranberry sauce and cream sour with vanilla and lactose
Peach Luxure | A 5% peaches and cream sour with vanilla and lactose
Strawberry Luxure | A 5% strawberry and cream sour with vanilla and lactose
Cream Weaver | A 5% orange creamsicle sour with tangerine and lactose
Saporous | A 5% passion fruit, guava and cream sour with lactose
Pineapple Upside Down Luxure | A 5% pineapple and cream sour with lactose
Ume Gose | A 5% briny plum gose with sea salt
O’ lantern | A 5% natural pumpkin sour
Opulence | A 5% dry hopped sour w/Belma, Ariana, Huell Melon, and Amarillo

A Night On Ponce IPA | A 7.5% American IPA
Passion On Ponce IPA | Night On Ponce with Passionfruit
Rowdy and Proud | A 6% American IPA
Rowdier and Proudier | A 9% DDH Double IPA
Prince of Pilsen | A 5% hoppy pilsner
Prince of Smoke | A 5% smoked malt pilsner
Three Eyes Blind | A 10% triple IPA
Ghost In You | A 6% hazy pale ale
Production Helles | A 4.5% helles or German-style pale lager
The Dunkel | A 4.5% Munich-style dunkel
Morning Smack | An 8% maple, bacon, and banana imperial coffee milk stout
Double Smack | A 12.5% BBA maple, bacon, banana imperial coffee milk stout
Midnight Snack | An 8% chocolate, cherry, and hazelnut imperial coffee milk stout
Mount Fang | A 12.5% BBA imperial milk stout
Scotch Barrel Helm’s Deep | A 13% Scotch barrel-aged imperial milk stout
Quasimodo | A 10% Belgian-style Quadrupel
Le Peche Mode 2018 | A 6% rustic peach saison
Bohemian Mistress | A 4.8% blackberry and mint open fermented Grisette ale
Tendril | A 4.6% kudzu and muscadine Gruit ale

Inceptus 2017 | A 6% BA Georgia wild ale
Inceptus Blueberry 2017 | A 6% Inceptus variant matured on blueberries
Titus | A 5% BA wild ale
Dominus | A 5% BA boysenberry and cedar dark wild ale
Fortunatus | A 5% BA mixed culture farmhouse ale
Saison Voss Kveik | A 6.5% BA rustic farmhouse ale
Total B.S. | A 6.9% BA brett saison
A Night on Brett | A 7.5% BA Belgian-style brett IPA

In addition to our regular to-go offerings we’ll also have the following new beer releases available to-go on the 17th:
Rowdier and Proudier (12oz/4 pack)
Available for presale now via CraftCellr.
Lazy Sonker (12oz/6 pack)
Available for presale now via CraftCellr.
5th Anniversary Ale (750ml)
12.5% Spiced Strong Ale that is a blend of 5 barrel-aged beers: Helm’s Deep, Mount Fang, Departed Spirit, BBA Dubbel Shot, and DBA Feest Noel. Aroma is full of herbal spiced notes and the flavor is complex with dark fruits, chocolate, and roasted coffee. Available for presale now via CraftCellr.


Behind the 3 | Ryan Silva

Ryan Silva has been part of Three Taverns for years and is a very experienced brewer complete with a brewing degree from the American Brewers Guild. Read more about him below in our "Behind the 3" feature, where we highlight instrumental folks of Three Taverns:

How did you first get into craft beer?
My parents bought me a Mr. Beer kit 9 years ago which taught me that you could make beer for way cheaper than you could buy it. 

What do you like most about your job?
Seeing a customer who maybe is not really into craft beer, try one and really enjoy it. 

Where were you born/did you grow up?
Born in Flo-rida but was raised in the banging burbs of Lawrenceville. Moved ITP after getting married.

Favorite place to eat in Atlanta?
My wife and my’s go-to place is The Iberian Pig. 

Favorite place to drink in Atlanta?
At my apartment. No wait and drinks are cheaper. 

Desert Island beer?
The one and only Pabst Blue Ribbon. 

Favorite drink besides beer?
Bourbon, specifically a whiskey old fashioned

Interests/hobbies that are not beer-related
I am really into photography. Follow me on Instagram: ryansilvamacro


Introducing: Three Taverns Imaginarium

rendering thumb.jpg

We’ve been waiting to share this information for some time and now it’s official! Introducing Three Taverns Imaginarium - a new location, complete with a brewhouse, that will focus on experimental and creative beers. The Three Taverns Imaginarium will be part of the Atlanta Dairies development on Memorial Drive, just two blocks off The Beltline. In the rendering above you’ll notice our location on the far right. Good Beer Hunting spoke with our founder, Brian Purcell, about The Imaginarium and you can check that out here. Full press release below:

For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                                                                September 20, 2018




ATLANTA: Paces Properties is pleased to share news of its fourth tenant to join Memorial Drive’s Atlanta Dairies redevelopment, Three Taverns Imaginarium. Set to open summer of 2019, the Imaginarium, an extension of Decatur’s Three Taverns Brewery, will be equal parts laboratory, brewery, and tasting room. Inspired by an ancient cabinet of curiosities, it will welcome those with a preference for the unpredictable. 

“We are thrilled to have Three Taverns Imaginarium join the Atlanta Dairies tenant mix,” said Merritt Lancaster, Principal of Paces Properties. “As a well-known Georgia brewery and with a successful flagship location in Decatur, Three Taverns has grown to become a prominent Atlanta brand. We are confident the Imaginarium will be welcomed with open arms by the surrounding neighborhoods and beyond.”

“The historical significance of the Dairies location and the short walk both from the Eastside beltline trail are key parts of our desire to join Dairies. Equally as exciting is the vision for Dairies location itself as a mix of living, shopping, dining, live music, and entertainment all connected by a communal gathering space right outside our brewery doors,” said Three Taverns Imaginarium Owner Brian Purcell. “With one of the few open container licenses in the city, the Dairies location offers the opportunity for customers to carry our beer freely throughout the complex, making our beer a complete part of the Dairies experience.”

The Imaginarium is where Three Taverns brewers will invent and concoct beers with exotic flavor profiles – while also serving up fan favorites. It plans to have 4 to 5 of its core beers on tap, followed by a rotating list of 20 to 25 experimental beers exploring many different styles, ingredients, and brewing techniques. Beyond a heavy rotation of experimental beers including juicy and hazy IPAs, and in keeping with the Dairies theme, The Imaginarium will use lactose in some of their beers to craft styles like milk stouts, fruit and cream sours and milkshake IPAs currently gaining popularity in the marketplace. Its hope is to complement its beer offerings with small food plates from rotating kiosks or pop-up stations. 

“Locating in a historic Atlanta Dairy offers a meaningful connection to both Georgia and craft brewing’s past,” said Purcell. “Atlanta Dairies was a lively part of Atlanta’s commercial activity for 60 years and is one of the last buildings on Memorial Drive to retain its original industrial character. In addition to Atlanta’s history, in the beginning years of the craft beer revolution in the 70’s and 80’s when there were no equipment suppliers for the small brewer, the earliest craft pioneers were left to construct their own brewing systems from used dairy equipment, which are still in use in some breweries today. Even earlier during the dark years of prohibition, some of the few breweries that survived turned to the dairy industry and used their skills in keeping things cold to make dairy products. We have a love and reverence for history at Three Taverns and with so many touch points to the past, in Georgia and beyond, continuing the industrial tradition that defined this place for so long is inspiring and provides a deeper sense of place and purpose.”

The new urban renewal project will be Three Taverns’ second brewery location, with its first location having launched in Decatur in 2013. The Imaginarium will give Three Taverns an opportunity to be creative and imaginative, and the space will have its own unique identity designed by architecture firm Square Feet Studios. While The Parlour in Decatur gets its look and feel from early European and American pubs, the Imaginarium draws inspiration from the scientific world of centuries past: laboratories, apothecaries, and cabinets of curiosities, where collectors would proudly put their experiments and discoveries on display. The vibrant and ever-changing nature of Atlanta and the exciting growth and culture of the city are the perfect backdrop for our journey into exploration and invention.

Expected to open spring 2019, Atlanta Dairies is currently leasing entertainment, retail, restaurant, and office tenants, transforming the historic icon of Reynoldstown into a new center of gravity for the city’s vibrant Eastside neighborhoods. The exciting and active destination will also feature The Yard, over an acre of outdoor space for patrons to come together, sip on drinks, and play games ultimately connecting all Atlanta Dairies elements of live, work and play. For retail + restaurant leasing: Paces Properties’ Shelbi Bodner at 404-537-2766 or For office leasing: Cushman & Wakefield’s Laura Power at laura.power@cushwake.comand Aileen C. Almassy at 404-853-5328 or To view the leasing package, click here



ABOUT THREE TAVERNS:  Founded in 2013 by owner Brian Purcell, Three Taverns Brewery delivers a broad range of beer styles. From open-minded American interpretations of Belgian-style beers to barrel-aged clean and sour ales, viscous pastry stouts, and juicy and hazy IPAs. For more information on the new location contact Brian Purcell at 404-934-8474 or For general information visit


ABOUT PACES PROPERTIESPaces Properties is an evolving partnership originally founded in 1972. Pacesspecializein the development, management, and leasing of multifamily residential communities and specialty retail centers. The mission of the company, which has served to be a solid foundation through the real estate cycles of the last forty years, is:A commitment to creating distinctive, inspiring & well-crafted environments to live, work & shop. Pacesis a well-capitalized company with a proven entrepreneurial spirit and excellent track record. Pacesand its principals have been involved in the development, management, and construction of over 5,000 residential units and a million square feet of retail and office. Projects include; Krog Street Market, Larkin on Memorial, Stove Works, The Office Apartments, Vinings Jubilee and Optimist Hall in Charlotte. Visit:


Media Contact: Tara Murphy | 360 Media, Inc. — 404.577.8686 or 

Julian Gressel Meet & Greet

Come out to gusto! (Ponce location) on Thursday, September 27th, for a meet-and-greet with Atlanta United midfielder, Julian Gressel. Julian will be hanging out, meeting fans, and signing autographs. Rowdy and Proud IPA cans will be available for only $3 and gusto! will be serving up their delicious salad and rice bowls.

What: Julian Gressel Meet & Greet
When: Thursday September 27th, 7 - 9p
Where: gusto! 782 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306


GABF-related events 9/17 - 9/23

We’re in Denver this week for GABF and pouring our beer at some of the best places in the city alongside several incredible breweries/friends. Come out and say hello and have a beer with us!

Monday | September 17
@ Freshcraft
featuring: Inceptus
with TRVE, Scratch, J Wakefield, Alvarado, Great Notion


Tuesday | September 18
@ Cedar Creek (Aurora)
featuring: Cream Weaver
with TRVE, Finback, Scratch, Arizona Wilderness, Rowley Farmhouse, Civil Society, Trophy, Alvarado, Great Notion, J Wakefield


Wednesday | September 19
@ Tap & Handle (Fort Collins)
featuring: Midnight Snack
with TRVE, Arizona Wilderness, Scratch, Civil Society, Rowley Farmhouse, Brewery Bhavana, Great Notion


Friday | September 21
@ Cart Driver
featuring: Rapturous
with TRVE, Brewery Bhavana, Trophy, Central State


Saturday | September 22
@ Hops & Pie
featuring: Inceptus
with Alvarado, Trophy, Central State, Brewery Bhavana, Scratch, Rowley Farmhouse, Neshaminy Creek, Great Notion


Sunday | September 23
@ Finn’s Manor
featuring: Lord Fog, Mount Fang, Lord Grey
with Black Project & Friends

@ Crafty Fox
featuring: Midnight Snack, Lord Fog

@ Occidental
featuring: Lord Grey, Rapturous

@ Jake’s Brew Bar
featuring: tbd

Lord Fog can release

This Friday we will be releasing a special GA Fortnight-only beer (available for the first time in cans) - Lord Fog. Inspired by the classic drink, London Fog, this 5% variant of our popular Lord Grey sour tea ale has the additions of lactose, vanilla, and lavender. This is a brewery-only limited release and is sure to go quick so mark your calendars and plan accordingly. If you would like to purchase Lord Fog in advance, avoid any possible lines, and/or to guarantee receiving the beer, you can do that by visiting CraftCellr

What: Lord Fog 6-pack ($14) can release
When: Friday | August 24th | 4p - 10p
Where: The Parlour @ Three Taverns

*Midnight Snack will also be released in cans on 8/24 in 4-packs. More on that here


Introducing: Midnight Snack

This Friday as part of the inaugural GA Fortnight (GA beer week) we will be releasing our latest pastry stout - Midnight Snack. Midnight Snack is an 8% chocolate, cherry, and hazelnut, imperial coffee milk stout. Bursting at the seams with decadent rich dessert flavors and finishing silky smooth; you don't have to sneak into the kitchen after everyone goes to bed for this one...

If you would like to purchase Midnight Snack in advance and/or avoid any possible lines day-of,  you can do that by visiting CraftCellr

What: Midnight Snack 4-pack ($14) can release
When: Friday | August 24th | 4p - 10p
Where: The Parlour @ Three Taverns

*Midnight Snack will go into market the week of 8/27 and will be available wherever fine beers are sold

*Lord Fog will also be released in cans on 8/24 in 6-packs. More on that here