A Night In The Asylum

Sometime back the staff of Brick Store Pub and Leon’s Full Service spent an afternoon in the Imaginarium at Three Taverns working out a recipe for a one-off beer that was later brewed in collaboration on Genesis, our pilot system. The collaborative effort resulted in a saison style beer fermented on 100% brett and aged in the fermenter for over 3 months. Brewed with traditional Tettnanger hops for bittering, the finishing flavor and aroma hops were dominated by Galaxy and Citra and finally dry hopped with the same. At 6% abv, this beer is pleasantly dry, funky, and tropical. The 100% brett fermented Brick Store Brett Saison, appropriately named by Dave Blanchard as Total B.S., pours one-night only at the Brick Store, Thursday 9/10, and is the centerpiece of this night of special limited release and funked up beers. Full list of beers follows:

Sour Asylum #1 has a pleasant acidity from lactobacillus fermentation and is dry hopped with Galaxy and Amarillo to enhance the citrus character of the lacto strain and the crisp refreshing finish of our lager yeast. This cask version is a special early release of our coming exploratory series of lacto-soured beers scheduled to launch in October. Raspberries were added in the cask giving a fruitfully sweet balance to this tart beer. Sessionable at 3.8% abv.

Inceptus (Latin for “beginning”) is a spontaneously fermented wild ale imbued with our own wild Georgia yeast strain and matured for months in North Georgia wine barrels. This keg of our American sour is one of a small handful released from the brewery. 6% abv.

A Night In Brett is a Belgian-style IPA aged on brett for over a year in a North Georgia wine barrel. Originally A Night in Brussels IPA, time and patience has transformed this ale into a markedly different and deliciously funked up beer. This draft only release is one of 6 kegs sent to market. 7.5% abv.

A Night in Brussels IPA is our Belgian-style American IPA with malts from Belgium, a blend of American hops, pure cane sugar in the best southern tradition, and an authentic Belgian yeast strain. A pleasing marriage of old- and new-world beer cultures, this unique ale is best understood as an American IPA on a Belgian road trip. 7.5% abv.

Anniversarium II, our limited release 2nd anniversary beer, is brewed in the tradition of the great Belgian monastic tripels, but with our own unique interpretation. We used rye in the mash for an added spiciness to the predominately sweet malt flavors and ester notes characteristic of this classic Belgian-style ale. 8.5% abv.

Day of the Departed is a special limited release version of Departed Spirit, our bourbon barrel-aged Theophan the Recluse, but with an added infusion of Serrano peppers, cocoa nibs, vanilla bean and cinnamon stick for a spicy Aztec kick. This is only the 2nd keg released outside the brewery. 10% abv.