Closing in on our four year anniversary, we are nearing the final stages of construction on our second brewery expansion in less than two years. A freshly poured 77’ x 28’ sloped brewery floor will initially accommodate three new 120 barrel tanks scheduled for delivery next week. This will nearly double our capacity increasing production from 9,000 to a maximum of 16,000 barrels annually. As the brewery continues to grow the new tank space will be able to accommodate an additional 15 tanks allowing for over 35,000 barrels of annual beer production.

With our sales volume now pushing production to full capacity, these new tanks are critical to continuing our growth of existing brands and freeing us to add new volume brands to our portfolio. These new tanks can’t be on line soon enough if we hope to meet the growing demand of these beers in the summer months.

This new expansion in capacity will also open up more time for new experimental and one-off beers on our new pilot system, Genesis II. The brand new 1.5 barrel brew system will become the launching pad for new beers and allow the brewers to experiment in ways like never before. And with the new law allowing direct beer sales staring Sept. 1, expect to see even more Imaginarium Projects, more Hop-Leaf Projects, more Sour Asylum Series and more of who knows what else when you come to visit our tasting room