Delivery Truck Officially Named

Not only will she be freshly painted by next Friday 4/6, but after much consideration and deliberation over many a glass of ale, we have officially settled on a name for our 1949 Ford Panel truck - Esmeralda. The inspiration for her name comes from our boldest and most meticulously crafted seasonal ale slated for introduction winter of 2013, our Belgian-style quadruple, Quasimodo. You may remember Esmeralda was the seductive gypsy dancer in Victor Hugo's Hunchback who took pity on Quasimodo and served him water when he was sentenced to the pillory for having tried to kidnap her. Of course here at Three Taverns, we've always questioned whether it was truly water she served him. Why her very name rings the sound of ale. So be on the lookout for our gypsy seductress soon finding her way around the streets of Decatur. Cheers!