Serendipitously on the same day we achieved our funding goal for the brewery, we were scheduled to pour free samples of our 2 launch beers at the Big Pop Up event at East Decatur Station where I've been brewing my test batches for 4 years now. My partner Chet (right) and I happily spent the evening serving samples of Single Intent, a 5.5% Belgian-style single ale and A Night In Brussels IPA, a 7.5% American/Belgian-style IPA to a delighted and enthusiastic crowd. It was quite a day for us and one we'll savor for years to come. And the next morning surprised us with a glowing review of our beers and brewery vision at; Thanks to all who came out and helped make the Big Pop Up a success for all the artists on display. Looking forward to many satisfying years ahead of brewing and serving you our beers. Cheers! Brian Purcell