Brewhouse on Order

After weeks of research and negotiations, today we finally and officially signed the production order for our brand spankin' new NSI 30bbl brewhouse custom designed and manufactured to our specifications (see pictured model). Made in North America and coming to Decatur via the west coast, our scheduled ship date is set for February 22nd. So late Feb 2013, fold out a lawn chair and grab a beer and be on the lookout  for a team of tractor trailers making their way through Decatur with a large delivery scheduled for drop off at our brewery location in East Decatur Station. With hop contracts in place and grain on order, we anticipate brewing and shipping beer to your favorite local establishment by early May next year. Please keep checking in for more updates as our build-out plans accelerate. We can't wait to crank out production and join the community of Georgia brewers in early 2013. Cheers!