Coming Together

Been a while since my last update, and I apologize for giving so few. But with our brewing system and fermentation tanks arriving the end of February, time is a commodity as having the build-out completed and ready when the equipment arrives is critical. The learning curve hasn't always been kind, and I wish I knew two months ago what I know today. But as in all momentous tasks, grit (or should I say grist) and determination are bringing things together. We just finished step 1 in painting the building, and while this is the least critical step right now, it is quite satisfying to experience real progress and see our vision for lasting beauty and goodness coming to reality. One of my most inspiring visions and highest hurdles so far, is to hire a Belgian trained brewer to lead our brewhouse. Our unique Belgian-style beers are not easily mastered, and I have become convinced that the subtleties in the art and science of brewing that make Belgian ales some of the most complex and respected beers in the world, require the nuanced training and experience that only a Belgian brewer can truly bring. So we are committed to bringing to Decatur a special Belgian influence unique to the southeast and the broader craft brewing industry as a whole. I hope this unique vision and these images of the finished exterior inspire and excite. There is much more to come.[gallery link="file"]