Georgia Awakens!

A couple of weeks ago I sat down with Creative Loafing writer and local beer scribe Austin L. Ray (@autstinlouisray) at the brewery site and talked about my passion for Belgian beer and vision for building Three Taverns. After 4 hours of sampling and talking about things of beer and life, which always overlap, Austin left with a tape recorder full of my ramblings, a fact that won't surprise any of you who know me well. I wasn't sure exactly what he would sift out for his article, nor was I aware of his particular interest in our winter seasonal quadruple ale, Quasimodo. To see what high praise....and expectation Austin has for Three Taverns, link here  I'm grateful for his affirmation of our beer and our distinct vision, but I'm most grateful for his recognition of the transendent and timeless value of patient, steady, and unwavering commitment to and execution of a clear and purposeful vision over a long period of time.