Spectacle and Delight

When a friend asked me yesterday what it felt like to finally see and take possession of my new brew systewash downm, the only way I could describe it was like the feeling of being a boy at Christmas time. Every step that has brought this dream closer to reality has had its own rewards, but the experience yesterday of washing the diesel smudge off my new born system and lifting the tanks upright on the brewhouse floor was the most magical of any of the experiences so far. Today holds more of that magic with the arrival of 9 stainless steel tanks to complete the cellar room. In fact, as I'm writing this post a call came in from the freight line telling me the driver was waiting at our bay door now. So I'm off to start another amazing day in this journey toward beerdom. I know there will be many more heights as I move closer to bringing my dream to market, and this weekend's emotions will eventually fade into the background of my memory and imaginations, but for now at least, this is a moment of sheer spectacle and delight. Time to head to the brewery.