2nd Annual Mable-McNally St Paddy's Procession

Join us in downtown Decatur on Saturday, March 16th, for the second-annual ‘Mable-McNally St Paddy’s Procession’ which honors two legendary Decatur Irishmen: Maury Mable, the Pied-Piper of Decatur, and Patrick McNally, the Squire of the Square.

Mable first marched through the streets of Decatur on St. Patrick’s Day in 1895 to celebrate his ancestral homeland and continued to lead what became an annual Decatur parade and tradition for over 50 years.

McNally passed away last year and was a longtime Brick Store regular and Decatur fixture. Said Mike Gallagher of Brick Store Pub, “In our almost 22 year history we can’t think of a single individual that had more of an impact on our staff and community than Patrick McNally. His legacy lives on with his children and grandchildren in our community. And of course, through some of his jokes that continue to make the rounds!”

We’ll depart from the corner of Commerce Dr and Sycamore Pl at Fellini’s (Maury Mable’s residence was just across the street) as fellow Irishman Mike Gallagher leads everyone, bagpiper and all, through the streets of Decatur, finishing at Brick Store Pub where we’ll raise a glass of our 2019 Maury Mable’s Irish Stout. Sláinte!