A Night On Octane IPA

A Night On Octane IPA is a collaborative effort that infuses A Night On Ponce IPA with Octane Coffee's espresso blend, Gravy. Gravy uses 42.5% Colombian Tolima, 42.5% Brazilian Capim Branco, and 15% Ethiopian Aricha. An 18 hour (to limit dilution) concentrated cold brew was infused into the beer to create a lush coffee IPA. The citrus forward notes in the Aricha blend seamlessly with the citrus hops and tropical aroma and flavor notes in A Night On Ponce and are wonderfully balanced by the chocolate and peanut butter in the Capim Branco and the chocolate, cherry, and citrus in the Tolima. This limited release is making a reappearance after an enthusiastic reception at the SCAA Uppers and Downers event earlier this year.