Introducing The Hop Leaf Project

Our newest initiative, The Hop Leaf Project, is a limited release series of experimental beers allowing our team of brewers to explore the way different aromatic and flavorful hop combinations work together with different malt bills to bring out a variety of character in hop-forward beers. This project is designed to introduce a new beer to market every four to six weeks, primarily draft-only with an occasional limited number of bottles released from the brewery. 

First up and releasing this Friday 7/15 at the brewery is Sapient, a 5% hop-forward pale ale. Using generous amounts of Palisades, Galaxy and El Dorado hops in the late addition of the boil and in the fermenter for dry hopping. Sapient boasts an herbal, grassy punch and mellowed citrus and stone fruit aroma equally matched by its flavor right through the glass. Bitterness is smooth and well balanced against the crisp but full flavored mouthfeel and body of this very drinkable pale ale. Sapient hits the market as a draft-only release next week.