Behind the 3 | Amy Royale

Amy Royale is who you'll (on most days) see behind the bar in The Parlour serving up 3T brews, beer knowledge, and smiles. Amy is a vital part of the brewery and our tasting room and you can read more about her below in our "Behind the 3" feature, where we highlight instrumental folks of Three Taverns:

How did you first get into craft beer?
I love to learn about new things! About 7 years ago I worked for a British/Scottish themed Pub that had over 60 beer taps. They taught me a lot about the history of beer, beer styles, even proper pouring techniques and soon my fiance and I were hooked on good beer, and the craft beer community. I later worked for a neighborhood craft beer bar and then a big brewery and continued to learn and explore the wonderful world of beer.

What do you like most about your job?
The people! I get to chat with people from all over and from all different backgrounds, and some of them are total beer geeks and some of them didn't really like beer before. My favorite thing to do is help someone discover a new beer style that they would've never tried before, and then they turn out to love it. The free beer is also a pretty sweet perk of the job!

Where were you born/did you grow up?
I was born in Rockford, IL, but when I was young we moved to central Florida to take care of my grandmother. Disney World was practically in my backyard, and was my first high school job. But I moved to Tampa, FL, for college and lived there for several years.

Favorite place to eat in Atlanta?
I love finding new fun places to eat at in Atlanta, but my absolute favorite is Homegrown for breakfast. I always take out-of-towners here. It's fun, different, and that comfy chicken biscuit! Yum!

Favorite place to drink in Atlanta?
My favorite place to drink really depends on my mood. Anywhere I can sit on a patio and sip cocktails is great. For beer, of course the Three Taverns Parlour, but you can't beat The Brick Store Pub or The Porter in L5P either.

Favorite drink besides beer?
I was into scotch/whiskey for a while, but over the past couple years I have really gotten into good tequilas, especially a good mezcal. I love a good classic margarita on the rocks, with fresh lime juice.

Interests/hobbies that are not beer-related?
I have a lot of passions in life and beer is one of them. But I am also a working artist and I love going to art shows and checking out new artists. I am also a big geek, I love Harry Potter and Star Wars. My fiance and I collect vinyl records and love thrifting. I especially love being outdoors and camping (although you couldn't tell that by looking at me). Hiking new trails in north Georgia is one of my favorite things.

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