Behind the 3 | Josh Miller

Josh Miller is Three Taverns' Lead Brewer and joined the brewery during year one. He is responsible for the creation of several beers including Rowdy and Proud and Strawberry Luxure. Read more about Josh below in our first "Behind the 3" feature, where we highlight instrumental folks of Three Taverns:

How did you first get into craft beer?
A friend got me into craft beer and my brother introduced me to homebrewing pretty soon after I turned 21. I think I was just drawn to craft beer because it had so many options to choose from and wasn't too pretentious at that point so it felt accessible.

What do you like most about your job?
Drinking beer with the crew.

Favorite beer?
Taras Boulba

Where were you born/did you grow up?
Born in Atlanta grew up in Lawrenceville.

Favorite place to eat in Atlanta?
The Optimist or Bon Ton

Favorite place to drink in Atlanta?
Biltong Bar or Gaja

Favorite drink besides beer?
Miller Lite.

Interests/hobbies that are not beer-related?
Watching shitty 80's movies and beating people at ping pong.