Back in Black

The end of this past week saw an amazing transformation to the ceiling of the brewery. After completing the demolition of all non-structural elements, which left the building gutted and ready for the next phase, we first needed to transform a ceiling of beams and insulation into a sea of black. We chose black for it's dramatic effect and ability to hide all structural elements in an exposed ceiling. And we thought the black would provide a dramatic backdrop to a brewhouse filled with stainless steel. Over the weekend, as the workers cut a line in the floors for breaking and removing the concrete, the saw made an unfortunate cut through the main water line. So this morning will be dedicated to repairing the pipes before breaking apart the old concrete floors. By Wednesday of this week the floors should be removed and ready for installation of the critical trench drains. We anxiously wait for the city permit necessary for the next phase of construction to begin and the new floors to be poured. The completion of our sloped floors and trench drains are up against the wire as our equipment arrives the first week of March, ready or not. We'll be ready. We have to be.