Brew System Preview

This week I received notice from British Columbia that our Newlands 4 vessel brew system was 75% complete and scheduled for delivery the first week of March. These days my mind seems far away  from the art of beer making as the brewery construction project has hijacked most all my time and attention. A month ago I was able to slip in a day of brewing another batch of our launch beer, Single Intent, and lovingly sink back into the heart and soul of my venture, but that moment quickly disappeared into a fog of dust as the demands of the build out intensify daily. So the pictures of the brew vessels that accompanied the status report from Newlands were a welcome and inspiring sight. After so long seeing this brewery in my minds eye, it is surreal to think that in a few short weeks so much beautiful stainless steel will be within an arms reach of desire. I've included the pics here for a preview of what is soon headed toward Georgia.[gallery link="file"]