In the Trenches

The plumbers went to work this week digging and plumbing the  lines that will drain under the brewery floors. Most important for our ever tightening schedule is finishing the trench drains in the brewhouse and packaging area floors. As the drainage lines neared completion at the early part of the week, the sudden surprise that the model of drains we needed to complete the trenching were not available locally. This was not welcome news as the concrete work to pour and finish the fOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAloors is scheduled to start this weekend. And with the time required for the floors to cure and be ready to support the weight of the tanks arriving March 15th, we could ill afford another delay to the schedule. Fortunately, after the necessary pleading with the manufacturer to expedite our order, the drains arrived from Ohio yesterday and are ready to go underground this morning. Images of the work on facebook. By this time next week you can expect pics of our newly poured brewery floors!