Most Noble Concrete

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADesign philosopher Leonard Koren states, "Concrete is a noble experiment. Its development is one of humankind's greatest achievements." And while it might not be up there with the invention of fire, for me at least, Koren's words ring loud and true.Today our new concrete floors were poured and sloped toward our recently installed trench drains just in time to be finished before we take receipt of our shiny stainless on March 15th. When we took over the space at 121 New Street November 1 of last year, I never imagined we would need every last day for our floors to be ready to hold the weight of our new brewery and fermentation tanks. So leaving the brewery behind tonight with concrete setting quickly has me in a euphoric mood. I plan to imbibe with a good friend shortly at the Brick Store in celebration and praise of the noble experiment of concrete.