Shiny New Things

I woke this morning to an inbox full of stainless steel images from our friends in Vacouver, Washington. Our tanks for the brewery are nearly complete and being prepped for delivery on 3/16 from Marks Design & Metalworks. Marks is a relatively new company quickly establishing itself as one of the highest quality stainless tank manufactuDSCN0427rers in the craft industry. That weekend will be very busy at Three Tavens as we first take receipt of our brewhouse from Newlands Systems in British Columbia on Friday 3/15 with the tanks arriving from Marks on Saturday 3/16. For those of you following our progress, I hope the air is as thick with anticipation this morning for  you as it is for us. So very soon now the aroma of boiling hops and wort will enter the atmosphere from our little corner of Decatur over at 121 New St. Look for pics of our completed brewhouse and tank farm on facebook. Cheers!