my corner office The build-out of the brewery that now surrounds a fully assembled brewhouse continues daily. Movement, however, seems so very slow right now as the stainless tanks and brew system sit idle while waiting completion of the steam boiler and glycol chiller installation before launching our maiden brew session. But while the scheduling and completion of the steam and glycol necessary to fire up our brewhouse and ferment our first beers is tediously slow, there is a fresh energy in the brewery this week after power was re-connected to the building and the brewhouse was illuminated with brilliant light for the first time in months. I've spent much of my days these last few months working from a corner office wired by a single extension cord. And I've watched the intensely careful and difficult work of the electricians slowly securing a maze of conduit and wire throughout the building. So something about the flood of light that arrived this week brought new life to the previously dimly lit cold we've mostly been forced to work in. It was a moment of sheer delight that came not a moment too soon, for my former office will be converted next week to the mill room. Our new brewery control room is not yet ready for inhabitants, so I'll be forced to set up shop at a small table on the brewhouse floor in the meantime. While I expect to fondly remember the early days of managing this brewery project from my little corner office and now the brewhouse floor, I surely won't miss the endless film of dust that a construction project breaths in and through every crack and crevice. There has been no refuge from that.