Morning Reflections

With parents in town for my son's birthday followed by a friend's 40th birthday celebration last night, I was forced to take a reprieve this weekend from the brewery and find myself  surprisingly relaxed and reflective this morning as I enjoy my first cup of coffee. Building this brewery is both the most intensely exhilarating and mentally exhausting project I've Morning Lightever attempted. Rarely am I not thinking of some aspect of the build-out or some task that needs completing or has hit an obstacle that needs overcoming. I am so ready to exit this construction project and just start making and selling beer, but that moment of release is unavailable without the steady and unyielding effort to piece this brewery together, some days seemingly one brick at a time with little visible evidence of movement. But this morning as I reflect on the last few years, especially the last few months and weeks since beginning this quest, I am amazed at how very close I am to realizing this dream. And I'm reminded of the critical need for a clearly defined vision kept ever in the center of the minds eye as a guide and inspiration for turning big dreams to reality. This picture of the morning light bleeding into the brewhouse brings a quiet and calm beauty to the work site and captures my mood as I enjoy this moment of settled reflection. If you haven't yet seen, check out this wonderful article from Bob Towsend at the AJC for more affirming words on our brewery vision,