Decatur Collaboration

Morning Brew Kick Off As beer enthusiasts celebrated American Craft Beer Week around town at various beer events and tastings this week, the crew at Three Taverns collaborated on the design and brew of a beer with our neighbors down the street at Twain's. Our system is dangerously close to being operational and managing these final days before the scheduled maiden brew date is filled with challenge and intensity. And yet when Twain's came calling with a collaboration proposal,  the temptation to leave construction supervision for a moment and return to brewing for a day with friends proved too much to overcome. So time was split on Tuesday and Wednesday this week between mash in's and sparges at Twain's and gas meter upgrades and CO2 system installs at Three Taverns. The beer brewed at Twain's is a Rye Saison called Decatur Ryeson and will be available in the coming weeks, just prior to the official release and launch of our own beers into market.