Profound Emotion

It has been difficult to find the time and space to sit and write over these past several days. The intensity of the effort required to ready the brewhouse for our maiden brew session has been alOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAl consuming and leaves little time for much else. But this week saw great accomplishment as the remaining pieces for launching our brew system came together. We installed our auger system that will deliver grain from our mill room up to the stainless grist hopper. And while the construction team completing the walls and doors throughout the brewery were hard at work, a team of pipe fitters were installing with precision the glycol lines necessary for controlling our fermentation temperatures. But the most inspiring moment came when we fired up Bertha, our 6 ton boiler, and ran steam into our mash tun and brew kettle for the first time. After testing the controls and valves on our brewhouse and making slight corrections, we were able at long last to peel the white protective film off the 4 brewing vessels and reveal a brewhouse and tank farm now fully clothed in glorious stainless steel. For a long time now my energy has been intensely focused on the supervision of the brewery build-out leaving little room for creative thoughts of recipe formulation and brewing, the root of my passion for pursuing this vision. But with the arrival of our grain and hops this week, and with the steam rising from boiling water in our brew vessel for the first time, I was caught off guard with an experience of profound emotion as I suddenly saw in front of me the choicest fruit from years of planning and work ready for indulging. The time is finally here and we start brewing our launch beers next week! With the required time for fermentation and maturing, we expect to be in market and on tap at your favorite spots around town the first of July. Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for journeying with me on the road to Three Taverns. Cheers!