Since my last post over a month ago now, the brewery has been in a full court press for Bannera market launch soon to be announced. In the meantime, build-out continues, and with painters at work all week finishing the interior walls, the brewhouse area is near completion. In the midst of this continued construction, on June 6th, we brewed our maiden batch of A Night In Brussels IPA. As we continue to dial in our brew sessions, our Newlands 4 vessel brewhouse has proved state of art, delivering it's promised speed and efficiency. With beer in the fermenters, my attention turned to packaging with a required trip to Italy for a factory authorization of our new Comac bottling line. After our enthusiastic approval, the bottling line was packed up and is now on the water with a scheduled July 15th delivery. In the meantime, our keg filler arrived as scheduled and will soon be commissioned into operation as we fill our first kegs for launch into Decatur and the surrounding market. With focus now turning to the packaging area of the brewery, including the assembly and installation of our drive-in cold room next week, we were finally able to pull out our calendars and work with our distributor to plan for a market launch that has infused a new surge of energy at 121 New Street. Their continues to be sacrifice as I was forced to experience our annual family beach vacation through phone images of the kids from my wife. While the family was finding relief from the summer heat in the gulf ocean,  I was trying to survive the sweltering heat in a brewhouse without AC. But all the hard work and sacrifice is about to pay off with the very long anticipated first pouring of our beer in Decatur just around the corner. Stay tuned and watch for an announced date in the next few days! Cheers.