The most frequelauch Graphicnt question and most challenging to answer over the past year has been, "when can I get your beer?" For all of you who have been asking, been wondering, been frustrated from waiting, I finally have the answer you and I have been waiting for, Three Tavens beers will be on tap Friday, July 19! We'll launch our two flagship beers, Single Intent, a Belgian-style single ale and A Night In Brussels IPA, a Belgian-style American IPA in kegs throughout Decatur and a few neighboring areas. We'll kick off the evening's celebration at  at the Brick Store Pub, our official launch headquarters and home base. But the Three Taverns core team will venture out to other spots during the evening to raise a glass and celebrate with our friends and neighbors there as well. We'll soon expand to the broader Atlanta market with our beers, but it was over 10 years ago now that I stumbled into the hamlet of Decatur on a sunny weekday afternoon and first discovered the Brick Store Pub, where a surprising glass of Latrappe reawakened my memories and imaginations of Belgian beer from a trip to Europe and a night in Brussels years before. And it was my subsequent move to Decatur and the air we breath here that soon inspired me to dust off my stored away homebrew kit and brew my first batch of beer. So after years of walking the local sidewalks and eating and drinking at every possible local spot, it is most fitting that Three Taverns launches our maiden beer voyage from port Brick Store into the mysterious and delightful waters of Decatur, GA. The next 2 weeks are going to be all hands on deck as we finish our keg cooler and keg filler installation just in time to package our beers for the launch. Stay tuned for more news on our soon coming launch in bottles and the public opening of our tasting room. There will be much activity in the days and weeks ahead to keep you excited. We hope to see you out on the 19th and raise a glass together in gratitude and happy celebration! Thanks to all for your enthusiastic support of our vision. Cheers from the team at Three Taverns Craft Brewery!