Blessed Week

After a weekend of 17 hour days and a full court press to meet our schedule for kegging the first tank of Three Taverns beer by Saturday, Sunday provided a much needed day of rest and time with myBSP Chalkboard family. But as is the pattern these days, my eyes popped open at 4 a.m. this morning with a brain in overdrive and a tired body dragging itself to the French press for the morning caffeine ritual. The amount of critical tasks on tap for the week ahead is at the same time exhilarating and overwhelming. Our brand new DE beer filter, necessary for the cosmetic clarity of our beer, broke late Friday with the wrong replacement part arriving Saturday morning. So we will be at the wire now kegging our second of the two launch beers just in time to meet the scheduled keg pick up from our distributor partner on Thursday. Of course, in the midst of this most critical task we have contractors finishing the insulation of our glycol piping, sanitary welders adding stainless product piping to the brewhouse, a team completing the install of our cooling unit, not to mention our guest from Italy ready to start the installation of our bottling line scheduled for delivery today. But in the midst of this circus of activity, driving me forward, there is something growing, something tangible just within reach, something I've experienced again and again in center of my mind and can now just begin to see emerging from the shadows of imagination, the long awaited fruit of my labor that on this Friday night, surrounded by friends and neighbors, with glass held high and heart full of gratitude and merry celebration, at long blessed last, the first public toast and blissful drink of Three Taverns craft beer! Servo Alias.