Launch Day

This day begins thick with anticipation. The intense work of preparation is finished, allowing a settled calmness and reflection in the midst of such high emotion. I woke to find a moving and inspiring note from my wife, Susie, this morning titled, "the brewmaster of my heart". An actor who knows what it is like to pursue her art with passion, she is my inspiration, and this dream would have never become a reality without her. As I reflect on the many turns in my life that brought me to this moment, I'm especially grateful for the one that brought my partner and CFO, Chet Burge, a.k.a. Morpheus, into my life. His tested financial wisdom and oversight has been and continues to be one of the key reasons for our success thus far. There are so many people and events that have shaped my life and ushered me to this new doorway. I am humbled and grateful as I consider the inspiration of my favorite author, Frederick Buechner, when he says that finding a true calling in your vocation is "when your great happiness meets the worlds great need." I stand at a new doorway with my hand turning the knob. See you tonight as we enter together. Transcendo Mediocris